On new years eve I went out with a female colleague. As we were talking I had my hands inside the back of her pants (butt), running my fingers up and down her buttcrack and barely touching her butthole. I never fingered her butthole. Simply touched her lining and the hole. Nothing else happened and after about 25 mins, I got home and masturbated with the same hand, forgetting to wash my hands.

Is there a risk from the anal fluids coming into my penis via hand genital contact? I didn't see any blood/fluids on my fingers when going home (although I do have some hangnails and cut cuticles) Is fingering a risk as well?.

Again I never fully fingered her anus but simply touched the crack and the outside and later masturbated with the same hand. Please advise on my risk and the tests I should take. Thanks.


IF I had a nickel for every time we get this question...

The good news is that you have nothing to fear from this romantic interlude. HIV infection requires considerable contact with fluids that have sufficient amounts of virus to actually be infectious. I suspect this was not the case here.