Hey Doctor, thank you for your help over here. I have one conber.i had a single episode of un protected insertive sex with a recently comfirmed HIV positive who posibly had just sero converted cos he had tested negative there weeks prior to our encounter but he later tested positive two day after our encounter. when i noticed that, i starte PEP at arount 60th hour. but am worried of getting infectecte despite that am on PEP. I am taking Zidovudine, Lamivudine and Effavirenz.. i never sustained any tare though am not circumsized. Am i at a greater risk cos i started PEP a bit late though i was still in the range of 72hrs.. am worried of the possibly high viral load i was exposed too cos he had just sero converted.


Hello and thanks for posting.

You're not at greater risk, you're at substantially lower risk.

First, if you used a condom appropriately, there was essentially no risk. Second, since you started PEP within 72 hours, you further reduced this risk significantly.

Just stay adherent to your PEP and get your recommended HIV testing at 1 and 3 months post-exposure.

Be well, BY