Recently at a party I engaged in some activities at a party that I consider low risk. We kissed and she kinda rub my penis on her clitoris then I stopped the whole thing as I started to sober up. I am really worried now though since Ive had lots of headaches and sore pains. Ive been under a lot of stress though. My question is am I at risk and is so is it high? Also its been a month can I get test now then in 2 months to ease my nerves. Thanks for your help


It is unlikely that HIV would be transmitted in the episode you describe. While it is possible that HIV can be transmitted any time infected fluids come into contact with your mucous membranes (the urethra), it is unlikely that HIV would be transmitted if you are not engaging in vaginal, anal or oral sex. During sexual intercourse, there theoretically a greater exchange of fluids than during foreplay.