Rhinitis and mucus? HIV symptom


Hello. I had a possible exposure 4 months ago, and almost since that time I develop a sore throat, my tonsils got infected (but not know because of antibiotics) but till today I have terrible mucus situation. I feel my throat and ears are full of mucus, my ears itch, I have a "mucus" voice everything is mucus. I don't know if that's what is called rhinitis or not. I tested negative a 3 months but ill retest at 6 months. Could this terrible sensation of mucus all around my body, coated tongue and rhinitis or sinus infection plus the fact of the tonsils got infected with pus could be early symptoms that I may have acquired HIV. This mucus situation is making me nervous. Please answer me.


If your HIV test was negative at 3 months, relax-- it's highly likely it will be negative at 6 months as well. Your symptoms don't sound like HIV, they sound like an upper respiratory infection. A decongestant (prescribed or over-the-counter) might be helpful.