Revised* Worried mom on vacation. vacation?? Donation followed!!


First off I'd like to say this is not another question about backsplash!! Please read :)

I'm in Vegas on vacation with my family. I had an incident where my 3 year old daughter needed to use the restroom. We went into a public restroom and I helped my daughter to not sit on the seat. After she finished, she went to flush the toilet with her foot instead of hand. This is where I'm worried... As she went to flush the toilet with her foot (she was wearing SANDALS), she accidentally rubbed/hit her foot against that little silver box thing that women dispose of their feminine products (tampons, pads, etc..) She has some peeling skin on the foot that rubbed on that box.(like the first layer of skin is peeling but not bleeding. But I know she picks at it and pulls the skin off) Now I'm worried if her foot may have rubbed up on some blood from the feminine products and got into her peeling skin on her foot. None of the peeling skin was bleeding at the time. I didn't quite see if there was HIV infected blood on the box but I did see it filled to the top with toilet paper wrapped around feminine product. I didn't even check her foot because I didn't worry till later. Can this be an HIV transmission risk??

I will donate $50 to your foundation. I just want to have a great rest of vacation without worrying. I feel like I worry about her more than I even care about myself... I suppose that's a mothers job :)

Thank you! Love you doctor!


Hi Revised Worried Mom,

As it turns out I'm in Las Vegas at the moment as well! You could have asked me your question in person as we watched the fountains dance in front of Bellagio!

Regarding the HIV risk to your daughter, you can relax. The risk is completely nonexistent. HIV doesn't survive very long outside the body. Plus your daughter's peeling skin would not constitute a risk, OK?

Now stop worrying and start vacationing! I'm on my way to see a Cirque du Soleil show and then try my luck at the craps table.

I hope you are enjoying your time here as much as I am!

Good luck.

Dr. Bob