reversing neuropathy (TREATMENT OF PERIPHERAL NEUROPATHY, 2010)


hi, just want to know if there is anything i can do to reverse neuropathy in my toes and feet. i am 46, male, fit and healthy, v/l undetctable, cd4 approx 500. i am told it was caused by stavudine which i stopped taking about a year ago, greatly reduceing the problem. however i still have it, and it isnt going away. i am currently on isentress and truvada, i am also taking l-carnatine and co-q 10.what can i do to heal this problem? also on another topic do you thoink TRIM5a will prove to be a genuine HIV cure? and if so what would the time line likely be, assuming it all goes well? thanks heaps, you guys rock-hard.



D4T-induced distal sensory neuropathy is indeed annoying! (I have it as well.) We don't have a quick (or even slow) fix for this side effect/toxicity yet. I'll repost below a link to a recent article which provides information about neuropathy that summarizes where we are in diagnosing and treating this uncomfortable condition.

As for TRIM5a, it's way too early to predict if it will be a "genuine HIV cure" or how long it will take to get to prime time (be readily accessible). So the best I can offer is to recommend you stay tuned. We'll keep yo posted as more information on this and other potentially promising treatment options becomes available. In the meantime, I'll try to stay "rock hard."

Dr. Bob

Understanding and Managing Peripheral Neuropathy (