Revealing HIV/AIDS during preliminary interviews


This is a long question. I applied via a phone to a national insurance company for a job as a CSR at a new call center opening in my city. During this phone interview, I revealed my HIV/AIDS status. I had become serioulsy ill 16 months ago and went on disability. I'm much better and have a few contract labor jobs and am now ready for fulltime employment. I feel that I should be up front with a potential employeer so as to not suffer problems later down the road. The company had Interim (a temporary placement agency) call me a few days later. Interim was contracted by the main company to perform intial interviews and data entry testing. Successful candidate files would then be forwarded to the company for further interviews. My day at Interim went like this: When questioned about my most previous work and background, I revealed my HIV/AIDS status to the interviewer. She casually ended my interview and said there was a problem with my scheduled time for taking the data entry tests, and to go speakto the receptionist. The receptionist said they were over booked and I would need to schedule another time but that they didn't have a schedule yet for me to sign up on. Through heavy persistence, I got a new testing time, retuned for the test, and scored 2000 strokes more than the requirement. I also had the required background and excellent references. Feeling that I had been disciminated against, I wrote a letter to the main company. An HR person contacted me, said that he had investigated my claim against Interim, and that Interim denied any discrimination occured. Yet the HR did reveal that had I not written him, my file would not have come to their attention. My interviewer had found my skills lacking. He then asked if I would be willing to interview with a supervisor at Interim in order to give Interim a fair chance in this dispute. I agreed. The interview went very well. A week later, I recieved a letter from the company stating: "Unfortunately, we find that your experience and skills are not the best fit with our emploment needs at this time. This is certainly no reflection on your overall qualifications, but is more a reflection on the difficult task of matching your specific qualifications to our current needs." As I stated before, I have the background experience and education, speed, and excellent references and job history. The company has 150 CRS people now, are hiring new people daily, and plan to employ 500 CRS people by December. What do you think is happening here and do I have any legal options to explore? Please feel free to edit this.


Because your question is regarding legal options, I am referring it to the section regarding HIV and the Law. I have forwarded your question to them, please check that area for a reply ( Thank you.

Lynne Gabriel