retitled: I am really trying to be safe: this info will be really helpful


hi guys, I have made a donation and will make more because i love this site - please respond-im pretty concerned

i am aware that removing a condom and getting some vaginal secretions possibly in contact with the head urethra etc is a negligable risk because the expose is so limited

but what if the condom is bloody and you remove it wrong. what if BLOOD comes in contact with transmittable areas on the head of the penis/urethra or what if the blood on your surrounding pelvic area touches your penis head-urethra right after you remove the condom

im pretty concerned because blood seems more dangerous than vaginal secretions

thanks so much -j


Hello J,

The bottom line is that if HIV-infected bodily fluids, be they blood or cervical secretions, get into the urethra in high enough concentrations by any means, there would be a potential risk for HIV transmission. If someone feels they have placed themselves at risk, an HIV-antibody test at the three-month mark would be warranted. It really is just that simple.

Dr. Bob