Results after one month of atripla


Hi Doc, first thanks for your help. I just got my results and the most important numbers are: VL 118 copies (one month ago 66,000). Cd4 276 & 21% (one month ago 250 & 17%). Uric Acid 7.2 mg/dl (above normal 7.0). HDL Colesterol 25 mg/dl (lower than normal: 35). All the rest concepts are within normal. My questions are: should I be worried about not being undetectable yet? (I have a genotype and no resistance found). What about my CD4, will they go higher in the following months? ( I did the test at 7.30 am). What can I do in order to get HDL higher? should I be worried about the uric acid? Is that a side effect of atripla? thank you very much and sorry for all these questions.


Fabulous response after one month. I would not be concerned that you are not undetectable yet, and you likely will be on the next test. Your CD4 count will increase further in subsequent months. You have already had a 4% increase in one month which is great. No worries with the uric acid. Increasing the HDL is difficult without medication.