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Dr Bob...

Worried indian female again..... how r u ? hope your doing well.... just read this post from india, please post my mail since i wanted to suggest that if this person is based out of Mumnai city then he should go for a definative conclusive test to either the Ranbaxy lab thats located in Andheri or any of the Metropolis labs in the city they are the best testing centres here in mumbai with the latest kits. Also for this persons info all other labs also have the recent kits but for tests like Dna pcr's , rna pcr's these small labs send them to either ranbaxy or metropolis to run these tests.

Pls post so that he can put his worries to rest after testing at these gold standard labs here.

thanks, keep smiling

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worried indian female.


Hi Worried Indian Female,

Many thanks for forwarding the information!

Be well!

Dr. Bob

Worried about HIV infection query from India Apr 20, 2008

Dear Doctor,

I being worried I can not resist myself from asking the question which you may previously answered,i am 35 year old male from india i think you would provide me yours kind guidance without any discrimination on nation basis, you are like God send Angel for the people exposed to the risk of HIV infection.

Controversy of Window period is cause of worry for me & production of antibodies & my little knowledge about ARS & HIV infection from internet fuel up the worry. i have unprotected sex with sex worker on 15th Aug 2007 while sex some cut & bleeding on penis happen,

1st Month-after two week body ache, joint pain & profound fatigue & rashs on on legs, pain vanish after 8 weeks & rashes in week.

3rd Month- In the month of Nov sudden outbreak of redness/ pimple over the face.

4th Month- In the month of dec 2007 i have deformed tongue & sore on tongue & white tongue, tingling effect on tongue, stiff neck & severe headache, i still have headache & stiff neck,

In the month of Jan i have severe fever along with cold, which cured after taking antibiotics.

In the month of Feb I have oral ulcer & genital warts, i still have oral ulcer (white blisters on cheeks), itching over body & specially on eye lead & scalp.

HIV Tests are negative by ELISA method, 3rd ,4th, 5th & 6th month of exposure, No viral load detected in 4th month of exposure by PCR.

Pain travel in body, joints, neck, underarms, groin area, butts, head, pain is not consistent it comes for a day or hours & gone, i am so much worried about my HIV status.

My CBC after one month of exposure on 19.09.2007 White blood cell 3.1 below limit

Lymphocytes 39 Monocytes 10 Eosinophills 06

In Urine bacteria detected.

CBC on 12.01.2008

White Blood cell 5.8 Lymphocytes 30 Monocytes 04 CBC suggests that there was something wrong on 19.09.2007.

All other tests for STD, like Rapid Plasma regain, Hep C, Hep B, negative.

i am newly married man my family insist on baby, till date i have used protection to save my family, can i take my 6month test negative as confirmed or wait for some more time, can I plan for a child. Am I suffering from any STD/STI. Kindly suggest what other tests I need to know my status, whether I am infected with any STD/STI.

When ever I go to doctors they suggest that I may go for Antibody tests, one doctor from reputed Govt Hospital suggested that I may go for another Antibody tests even after 9 month exposure, as according to him CDC guidelines may be applicable to general public not to single individual & I may be that individual hence for to be extra sure I may go for another test after the end of 9 month. I am confused about the sanctity of HIV detection tests. Kindly guide my what should I do,

Response from Dr. Frascino


Repeatedly negative HIV ELISA tests out to six months coupled with an undetectable HIV plasma viral load at four months definitively and conclusively indicate you are HIV negative.

I cannot diagnosis the cause of your symptoms over the Internet, but what I can do with great certainty is advise you they are not caused by HIV!

As for other STDs, certainly if you've tested negative for specific diseases then you don't have them. You'll need to check with your doctor to see if any additional STD screening is warranted based on what you've already had done and any ongoing symptoms you may be experiencing.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob