response to im positive he isnt... what are the odds


Dr. Bob, thanks for your reply and your response is my everyday wish, tho unfortunatly its much past that point now.

im 100% deffinatly hiv positive. if theres a way i can share my personal "health tracker profile" with you i will. im 3 months into HAART (atripla) my starting levels were CD4:390 VL: 65k

my current levels are CD4: 450 VL: 130

my partner is certainly negative. and thats with multiple multiple multiple types of testing... every kind there is.

so my question is. whats the odds of being with someone 2 yrs unprotected and not transmitting it to them. my only oppertunity for exposure was the 2 guys i hooked up with right before this relationship. none of my other partners back east are positive. and none of his are eithor. theres much more i wanna vent about and discuss with you, but it would make for a reeeeeal long post, and i dont think your the assigned doctor for it.

times are so hard :(



It is indeed possible that your partner has remained HIV negative despite multiple exposures over the past two years. Not every HIV exposure leads to viral transmission, thankfully! For example, the CDC estimates the per-act risk for acquiring HIV from unprotected insertive anal sex with a partner confirmed to be HIV infected is 6.5 per 10,000 exposures. There are a number of factors that influence the likelihood of HIV transmission. These include both viral factors (viral strain, viral load, etc.) and host factors (immune integrity, genetics, concurrent infection, local trauma, etc.). There are a number of testimonials in the archives from magnetic couples who have had experiences similar to yours. Have a look.

Regarding your partner, since he had a "significant" HIV exposure, he will need to have HIV testing out to six months from the date of the last possible exposure (unsafe sex) to confirm his negative status.

Good luck to you both. I'm here if you need me, OK? I realize how challenging HIV can be ("times are so hard"); however, hang in there. Things can and will get more manageable as you come to terms with your new reality as a positively charged individual. I've been virally enhanced since January 1991. I, too, am part of a magnetic couple. You can still have a "happily ever after" life.

Dr. Bob