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Just wanted to say thanks to the above titled person!

I seem to be in exactly the same situation as you, living in Singapore, same experiences, even the girlfriend part except I have not been tested yet, I can explain all of my symptoms, especially the tiredness part as I am a ridiculous worrier yet I still worry It has really hit me how careful you need to be except drinks seem to play a big part and I am sure a lot of spiking of drinks goes on especially in certain places in Singapore.and sex workers are so easily accessible

Plan going forward is stay faithful, or if you are single, be so careful it is not worth the worry seriously! People on here are close to suicide yet others continue to take risks!

Anyway, thanks for the fantastic website Doc, you have certainly educated me about HIV which is suppose is the main point of your website



Yes, education of the public is indeed the main purpose of this site! Or as Dubya once put it, "I souport publik edekasion."

I'll reprint the question you reference below.

Dr. Bob

I got my life back and here is my story Sep 7, 2006

I want to tell you my story, since I know many can relate to it. For the last year I was convinced that I had HIV, I had numerous symptoms that all started around the time that I thought I had acquired it. I will not list them out, since all of the other people who think they have it as listed them. The one main one was being tired all of the time, rapid heartbeat and tingling in my hands, legs and arms. I worried myself sick over it, and would never get tested because I was scared and thought that I did not need to since most of my exposure was unprotected Oral Sex.

I spent a lot of time reading The Body and other sites. I even really thought about how was it possible that blood from someones mouth could get into the tip of the penis. So let me start from the beginning. I went to Singapore where I went to a place that was well known for working girls, I ended up going home with this beautiful Thai girl and the only thing we did was she performed Oral Sex on me. The very next night I went back to the place and went home with a girl from Vietnam. For the next few weeks the shaft of my penis hurt, I developed canker soars in my mouth and a soar on my mouth. I freaked out and started worrying a week or two later I developed stomach aches and felt like throwing up; I kept looking at my body and looking in my mouth. The girl that I was dating at the time developed flu like symptoms and was very tired all of the time. This was very unusual for her. I was freaking out even more. I had both of the girls phone numbers that I met in Singapore called them and asked them if they get tested, and they told me yes. I was still freaked out, and was convinced everyday that I had it. I was to chicken to go and get tested. I tried to convince myself as well that I did not have it since these girls told me they did not. I think I was throwing my body into a fit, and my mind was playing so many tricks on me.

Some of the symptoms went away and stayed depending on how I was thinking that day, and if I was convinced I had it or not. This went on for several months. I later found out that girl and cheated on me, and then I was freaked out that maybe she caught it from him, since she did catch something else from him. Luckily I never caught the other thing she got from him. I then went to Thailand and met a girl who worked at a travel agency at the hotel I was staying at, we started dating and she came with me to Hong Kong. We were together for a month and I broke out with a rash on my knees and some canker soars in my mouth. I was freaked out, and she told me that she gets tested every few months, she told me that she use to be a working girl but stopped. As you can imagine I was freaked out. We had unprotected sex everyway you can imagine, for the rest of the time I was with her, I kept asking her and she swore to me that she got tested every few months. She told me that I was the only guy that she had unprotected sex with in three years, and she did it because she trusted me and wanted to be my girlfriend. I believed her, but because of her past I was freaked out. She went and got tested and told me she was negative; my mind would not let me believe it.

I asked her about when she was a working girl and was she scared and how educated she was about STD and other girls. She said that she has never known a girl to have it, and most all of her friends get tested every three months. She also said she never heard of anyone getting it from Oral Sex. She also said that the girls are very aware of STD, and are very careful. She also said most of these girls have kids, and that is why they do it. She also said that if you work in Thailand at a massage parlor or KTV you are required to get weekly and monthly checks depending on the establishment. She said most of the girls in Thailand that have it are usually girls that work in offices and girls who work in normal jobs that never think you can get it. She told me that the working girl would never give a blow job to someone with bleeding gums or soars in their mouth.

I started dating a girl when I got back into the US, and we mostly had protected sex and unprotected oral sex. We had unprotected sex a few times, and I did not ejaculate. She developed a rash on her arms; she also had dishware for a week straight that freaked me out, so you can imagine that now I am thinking I have it. I called the Thai girl, and she went a got tested again a cam back negative. I finally got the nerve today to get tested and it was negative.

The point of this story is that the doctor always says is that symptoms do not equal HIV. Also if you think you have it you probably dont. It seems that most of the people who have it are the ones who dont think they have it and later find out that they do. Get tested it is scary, but let me tell you the mind is a powerful thing. I feel that I have my life back and glad to have written this email. I will still continue to ready The Body since it gives me a life, and allows me to help others deal with what I went through. Will I continue to have receiving unprotected Oral Sex knowing there is a risk YES will I worry about it NO

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Thanks for spending the time to write in and share yours story.

Stay well.

Dr. Bob