Part of A Practical Guide to Herbal Therapies for People Living With HIV

Reference Books on Herbal Therapies

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Reference Books on Complementary Therapies That Include Herbs

Cassileth BR. The Alternative Medicine Handbook. New York: WW Norton and Company, 1998.

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Web Sites With Information on HIV and Herbal Therapies

Contains a wealth of resources on complementary therapies, including the Positive Side magazine on holistic health, Practical Guides on nutrition and herbal therapies, Fact Sheets on specific herbs and supplements, and links to other reviewed articles and Web sites in the Internet. CATIE-News, TreatmentUpdate and Innovations cover new developments in research on complementary therapies.

AIDSmap (NAM, United Kingdom)
Includes publications on complementary therapies produced by the National AIDS Manual.

Alternative Medicine
Canadian site with a great list of links to various sources of alternative medicine.

Bastyr University
Contains a "Library-Resources" section featuring Bastyr's library catalogue, research guides, book reviews, and links to other online resources.

British Columbia Persons with AIDS Society (BCPWA)
Contains articles and resources on complementary therapies for people living with HIV/AIDS

CAM PubMed
Free online searching of the medical literature for information on complementary therapies.

The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM)
Contains a "Learning Resources Center" for links to online databases, journal indexes, and the library's catalogue.

Canadian Health Network, Complementary and Alternative Health Centre
Contains consumer-oriented, quality assured, web-based resources on a variety of complementary therapies topics.

E-mail news service containing reviews of research and news from around the world about complementary therapies pertaining to HIV/AIDS.

Dominion Herbal College
Contains information about common herbs, with colour photos. "Netta's Garden" section gives details about specific herbs including use, and recipes. "Friends" section provides an extensive list of links to other Web sites providing herbal information

Evidence-based, interactive herbal database. Provides links to scientific data regarding the use of medicinal herbs.
Features the latest news and advancements in complementary and alternative medicine.