Resistant esophageal thrush


Hi Dr. Bob, I have no question but reinforcement of your testing mantra. Any FDA approved HIV test beats symptoms every time. I am a phlebotomist had a needle stick unreported 8 years ago. The nurse taking the patients history said he was fine and for me to move onto the next patient. Young and trusting the RN i did so. March 2008 i started to feel run down and had horrendous smelling breath. I also had cold sores all over my face coming and going consistently. One search online told me I had hiv. My primary cultured yeast in my esophagus and put me on valtrex for the cold sores wich made me feel awful. As you know the valtrex commercials say that it may cause death in advanced hiv disease. I took a steady course of diflucan for the yeast. Diarrhea galore. Xanax was my best friend at this point. Well...i stepped outside my primary physician box. I saw an infectious disease doctor whom i knew. Come to find out that the diflucan was resistant to my strain of candida. He put me on the right drug and did over the top hiv testing to alieve my questioning standard antibody testing i did. Bottom line....I had myself not dancing at my daughters wedding..... DO NOT go symptom crazy. Dr. Bob is 100% correct in relying on FDA approved testing out to whatever month your risk. Don't lose 4 months of your life on crazy websites sure you are going to die. Go to a reputable infectious disease doctor and/or listen to Dr. Bob.Life is too short.



Thanks for taking the time to write in and share your story.

Dr. Bob