Hi doctors, I took Atripla for three years without major incidence, had some minor issues with sleep and anxiety so my doctor put me on Complera on a trial basis. Well I took Complera for a week and I started having major anxiety attacks about switching regimens and started getting depressed. I skipped two doses of my complera and asked to start back on the atripla. I have been back on atripla now for a few days and my anxiety has mostly disappeared and I feel like my old self again and I am back in my routine. My question is will skipping the two doses of the complera I was on for a week hurt me? Now I am back to taking my atripla at night and I never miss a dose of it, but will missing the two doses of the complera have done any damage to me as far as making me resistant?


Hello and thanks for posting.

Your situation doesn't put you at any measurable risk for developing drug resistance. Indeed, if one's viral load was suppressed, it takes more than a week for the viremia to return- it's probably why single episodes of missed doses (or even a couple of days) really doesn't cause problems.

Be well and happy holidays, BY