Required to Use a Mail-In Pharmacy for ADAP? (Editor's Pick)


Can Illinois ADAP program require me to use their mail-order pharmacy, currently CVS Caremark Specialty Pharmacy? There has been a lot of inconsistencies with the service and I even had to go more than 12 days without medication because they couldn't get it together to coordinate with each other. Fortunately there were no medical consequences for me. This time. Can I demand to use a local pharmacy where I can go pick it up?


Although the federal government provides all or most of the funds for ADAP, each state sets up its own program and establishes its own rules. ADAP in Illinois has contracted with CVS to administer its program, and, apparently, CVS is requiring the use of Mail Order. The question would be whether that is something that the state of Illinois has permitted in its contract with CVS. You should inquire with your state ADAP people concerning that.

There are some states that prohibit such a requirement. One of the excellent HIV legal services programs in Illinois may be able to answer that question about Illinois.

This is the link to the ADAP program. It includes a link to report an "incident." You may want to consider filing one about this.

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