reporting back to dr bob


Hi Dr Bob, you kindly asked me to update you on my six month test which was 7.5 month test in the end, because im a lazy coward (but luckily my wife forced me) and yes you are right, it was a negative result. Remember you promised not to say I told you so!Ofcourse like every dr bob fan (which i definately am)I have shouted woohoo!However there is still a bit of a boohoo in my woohoo because I still, 7 months later, have swollen lymph nodes, i also had all the other symptoms on the t.higgins website. I asked the hospital who tested me in manilla philippines to tell me the name of the test which was elisa abbott architect and the result read 'patient result 0.15 non reactive and reference value >1.00'. The test was a bit cheap at around $6.Dr Bob, im just wondering if you think that I may have that o or n type of hiv ,(the sexual encounter was with an african)? And if i did , would it show on the above test?And if not how would i get a test for those? Thanks Dr bob. And thanks for all my answers and all the other answers which informed me and made me laugh out loud, and inspired me because if someone with hiv for 20 years can have as much fun as you, its makes hiv seem not half as scary!You are the man !



Welcome back to the forum and thanks for the follow-up. Per my promise, I won't say "I told you so," but rather, "WOOOO-HOOOO!"

As for your lingering boo-hoo, it's completely unwarranted. Even if your lymph nodes are swollen (has this been confirmed by a doctor?), one thing is certain: The cause is not HIV! No way. No how. The same goes for "all the other symptoms on the t. higgins website!" (By the way, anyone who has "all the symptoms" almost by definition is suffering from anxiety and paranoia, not HIV!!!)

Do I think you have type O or N? No, of course not, silly boy.

Stop worrying and start WOO-HOO-ing. If you can't accept the overwhelming and irrefutable evidence of your HIV-negative status, then psychotherapy (counseling) should be your next step.

Dr. Bob