reoccuring painful lymph nodes


I have yet another question on swollen lymph nodes in HIV infection. I was wondering if after sereoconversion the nodes would return back to normal and not be painful. Or is it possible that every so often (couple times a year) the same nodes that were affected during sereoconversion can become painful and swollen? Does this sound consistent with HIV infection? My situation is the one I describe above. I have a bump in my cheek, that every so often will feel as if it is swollen and sore (maybe once a year). Normally it is about the size of pea and can move around. I also had a swollen lymph node in my neck (I think) that stayed swollen for a couple of days. After the swelling went down I can still feel where it was swollen (to this day), the initial swelling was about 5 years ago. I have never had any other swollen nodes, only the two I describe. Please let me know if this sounds typical of HIV or possiblly something else. I know testing is the only true answer, and I believe I am almost strong enough to bring myself to have the tests done. Thanks Dr. you've been more help to thousands of people than you will ever know.


It does not sound consistent with HIV infection. Many things cause lymph nodes to swell, including lots of other infections. MH