after removing condom, touch the tip of penis with cut on frenulum


I had sex with a sexworker. Some people to told me that the girl had a HIV or HIV+, but i didnt know it 'til now.

We had protected sex, i was wearing a condom..and after that, she was very wet when i remove my penis from her. The condom was wet with her vaginal fluids, and so are my pubic hair and the area that surrounds the base of my genitals.

I remove the condom with my hands, and then i touch the tip of my penis without washing my hands, which was wet because of the vaginal fluids. And after that i put my brief on even though the part of the base and pubic hair was still wet with her vaginal fluids.

What was my risk of hiv when i touch my penis, and when i where my brief even though the base and my pubic hairs are still wet with her vaginal fluids? And i think i had tore my frenulum, which lead to an open wound very near the tip..what are my chances?


Hi, there:

HIV does not live well outside of the body. Your risk of infection in a situation like this would be extremely low. So low, that I would feel comfortable saying you were not at risk in this situation.

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