Rejected by an Escort


Dear Bob,

First a comment then a question.

Recently I visited a beautiful TS escort in Oakland, CA. This was my third time with her, and it was becoming increasingly tense. Why? Because she wants to get it on, but I play ultra safe. No saliva exchange, no oral, no anal, except the dildo I bring for my personal use. She asked why I was being so conservative, and I told her that the risk of contracting the virus through protected sex is quite low, but not zero, and that I've got too much at stake to take any chances, even though I'd love to go wild. At that point, she said she didn't feel "comfortable," and told me to leave, and then handed me back my $200! Amazing. I don't think I was rejected for being too safe; rather, I think I made her feel like she was contaminated, even though she is one of the most beautiful and desirable creatures I have known. What a folly we live.

Now to the question: at our first session, she lubed up my dildo with her hand, before inserting it into by ass. Bob, any idea on the odds of her transfering dried HIV infected fluids from a previous client from her hand to the dildo, where the lube rehydrated the virus, and the virus was carried into my bloodstream as it departed the dildo inside my rectum.

Another thought: how long before Honda builds a line of robotic escorts for the worried well?



Hello Sammy,

You were turned down by a transsexual hooker??? Sammy-boy, I wouldn't broadcast news like that, unless you want to wind up on reality TV, or maybe the next edition of Ripley's Believe it or Not!

As for your question about lube rehydrating the virus, no, Sammy, definitely not. HIV is a virus, not a chia pet.

Finally, I don't know about Honda, but you can already get just about anything you want on E-bay. Was that a transsexual robotic escort you wanted??? If so, I guess it would be AC/DC powered, right?

As for the beautiful TS escort in Oakland, apparently it just wasn't "a business doing pleasure with you." (so to speak).

Stay well.

Dr. Bob