regarding the validity of dna -pcr antigen test.


don't run away when you are posted with question for which you don't have any answer.I have asked you many times that what if a patient is tested negative for hiv in dna-pcr antigen test and tested positive in elisa test and western blot test in which (P55, P39, P17) remains absent, these tests are performed not once but for 3-4 times after every 6 months. The tests were performed on the patients who have undergone treatment from hakh medical foundation (the name of the medicine is hoo-imm plus). Since we all know that every antibody(most) are tranfered from mother to baby, dna is performed in babies to detect hiv even if their antibody test such as elisa or wb are positive. If you say dna-pcr test is not valid then explain.



I have already tried to explain this to you on several occasions. Here will be my last attempt!

Hoo-IMM Plus does not cure HIV/AIDS. It is a total scam.

In the case you describe, the patient was never HIV infected. A positive ELISA and Western Blot with p55, p39 and p17 bands is considered an indeterminate HIV test!!! This is not a positive test!

In order for a Western Blot test to be considered positive, you need reactivity to gp120/160 plus either gp41 or p24.

That someone with an indeterminate HIV screening test subsequently tests undetectable on HIV PCR DNA does not in any way suggest a cure or effective treatment. In essence you had an HIV negative person get a scam treatment and then test negative again.

Be reasonable. If a cure for HIV really existed, don't you think every news agency, Oprah Winfrey, Anderson Cooper and the 33,000,000 of us living with HIV would be breaking the doors down trying to get into the "hakh medical foundation"???

The only thing happening there is misinterpretation (most likely intentional) of HIV diagnostic tests. Hoo-IMM Plus is nothing but a load of hooey!!! I will not be revisiting this topic again.

Dr. Bob