In reference to Oct 19 post a question regarding buttocks wasting


Thank you for taking my question. Your response to the question asked on Oct 19,2010, (Severe buttocks wasting:What are my options) has been very helpful for me as well. I routinely read all of the posting from you guys. After reading your detailed page regarding buttocks wasting, I deceided that Dr. casvante's New plastic and technique is the best way to go. I have couple of questions for you and they are: 1. Does this perticular procedure cause a severe butt hardning? 2. Is there any interaction between the new plastic product and Hiv medications, this is what I am taking prezizta,norvir,isentress,intelence,truvada,acyclovir,pravachol,prozac,dapsone). 3. Is there a requirement as to what the cd4 count should be before this procedure can be performed, I am 170 cd4 right now. 4. Is there any long term side affects that could occure later in life. 5. what is the recovery period after the procedure? 6. Is it possible to contact one of your patient or accuantice, who has had or going to have the procedure done by dr. casvante. Thank you so much in advance. You guys are such a blessing to hiv community. Your contributions are immensely appreciated from the bottom of my heart.


All your questions can be answered by the many people who have gotten the procedure done. There are 3,500 of them in my yahoo group pozhealth. To subscribe to ask these questions, send an email to