I just donate a litle piece of sand to help you in amanzing work. You are like angel helping people who visit the body looking for asweres. Sorry for my bad english I want to tell my history. I had 2 relations of risk, well I believe that the risk is a low risk but certainly is a risk. First situation was in 28 the February of this year with a woman escort. We had insertive oral sex (Cunnilingus) and receptive (Fellatio) unprotected oral sex and vaginal sex with condom. The second situation was in 13 of April with one travesty. We practiced deep and long kisses (She used brackets) and practiced receptive oral sex the but with condoms. With this travesty we had protected anal sex where I was the activate partner. In fact there was no 100% penetration, I was pushing trying penetration while travesty jerk himself. I never reach the total penetration. We were like 3 minutes in that process until I decided to put another condom and were 3 minutes more. There was no rupture of condom. Ok now the Facts.

  1. I took at least 6 hiv tests by hypochondriac.
  2. the 3 first was one meia at the 12 weeks, one elisa at 13 weeks and another one of standard Inmunocromatología at the end of the 13 week exact after the first relation of risk (Escort 28 of feb. Unprotected mutual oral sex) These same tests fall in the period of 6 and 7 weeks after the second relation of risk .All of that test was No reactive / Negative.
  3. If we thought that these tests fulfill the 13 weeks period of the first relation of risk and also the time average of window period of 4 to 6 weeks of the second relation! What do you think?
  4. Today I take a 11 weeks and 2 days test of the second relation of risk with travesty. Well really a take 2 test but in different laboratories (1 fast (Test Pack), and Quimioluminicente test of 3ra Generation.) All was no reactive / Negative. Doctor BOB all this panic is because 2 weeks ago to the 9 weeks of the second relation of risk by examinations of routine due to a malaise in the throat I became a hemogram and they left the leukocytes to me in 23 thousands. Everything seems to be by an injection of dipronova that include corticoids so it could be the detonator of the leukocytes, thaks good since for 4 days ago my leukocytes they are perfect. The final question, Leucositosis can be a symptom of Primoinfeccion? With my result to the 11 weeks and 2 days with those 2 methods I can be calm? Of my second relation of risk?



Your HIV-acquisition risk was very low at best. The transient change in your leukocyte count is not at all worrisome or suggestive of HIV primary infection.

Your repeatedly negative HIV tests out to 11 weeks from your last potential exposure are extremely encouraging. The guidelines state that HIV-antibody tests taken prior to the three-month mark are not conclusive. However, considering your very low risk and the number of negative tests you've had, I would consider your results "almost definitive." I'm very confident that a three-month test would yield another negative result.

Thank you for your donation to the Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation ( Your one gift will touch many lives. In return I'm sending you my good-luck/good-health karma that you remain negative.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob