This Mother's Day, Positive Women's Network - USA reclaims and redefines motherhood from our perspective. Stand with us! Sign on and show your support for HIV-positive women on Mother's Day.

Share a message on our website, Facebook, or Twitter @uspwn: as a woman living with HIV or ally of a woman living with HIV, what does Mother's Day mean to you?

As a network for all women living with HIV, including transgender women, we are:

  • Women who have been discouraged, shamed, and forbidden from having children.
  • Women whose health, well-being and desires have been seen as secondary to those of others -- including but not limited to our partners, fetuses, and children.
  • Women who rely on the support of our doctors, partners, healthcare systems, and each other to safely conceive and deliver a healthy baby.
  • Women who were diagnosed with HIV during pregnancy.
  • Women who gave up the dream of motherhood after our diagnosis.
  • Queer-identified women who may be shamed for having children.
  • Women who fight for our rights to parent and raise our children.
  • Women who want to have children, but cannot afford assisted reproductive technology.
  • Women who have grown into adulthood and our sexual and reproductive lives with an HIV diagnosis.
  • Women who choose and create our own families.
  • Women who are successfully parenting our HIV-positive and HIV-negative children.
  • Women who nurture and foster the growth of young people in our lives, regardless of whether we are biologic mothers.
  • Women who fight for justice for the next generation.

Our experiences are diverse. Yet, at the end of the day we are proud to hold our communities and families together.

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