Red Light District Risk


I am so embarrassed and sad to post this but I was extremely drunk at the Red Light District and do not remember much. I am freaking out that I might have caught an STD that night, but more scared that I caught a life threatening disease such as HIV. Here are the details that I remember from the night: Going into a blue-lit room (which actually stands for transsexuals etc.)and talking to the prostitute who said "she" was very young. I drunkenly and stupidly kept asking her why she does this as a living and she then had enough of it and offered me my money back. There were unopened condoms all over the bed but I can't remember anything else (including if I even left after she offered me the money back). Next thing I remembered is that I stumbled into another room (red lit) and she began giving me oral sex for about a minute until I entered her "doggy" style with the same condom. After about a minute she then told me I was two drunk and I left. I ended up getting back to my hostel safe. I am mordified not only about what happened that night but that I don't remember some of it. I am most definitely getting tested when I return home but I just want to know with these specific details how bad is the risk of getting HIV from any of these professional prostitutes. It's all I can think about and haven't gotten a good night sleep in four nights. Any of your wisdom will help. Also how long should I wait before getting tested due to the window period of HIV showing up in a test. Thanks so much your response really means a lot to me


Hi there:

Using a condom protected you from HIV and many STD's. It also reduced the likelihood of transmission of STD's such as Syphilis and Herpes, which are transmitted via skin-to-skin contact.

The risk was not greater because these women were sex-workers. In fact, sex-workers often have a higher use of condom use than the general public. That's good news for you!

Since you used a condom I do not think you need to be tested for HIV. However, if you would like a test for your peace of mind then a full panel of STD testing at the 90 day mark will give you all of the answers you are looking for.

In health,