Is recurring fever a primary sign of HIV? condoms and STDs?


i have three questions, is it necessary that a person with HIV has fever once in awhile or swollen lymph nodes atleast once in a while or right after the exposure to virus. the second question is that i've had sex using condoms with a guy recently and i have either genital warts or herpes, i haven't checked yet. is the poor guy already infected? please reply back. sincerely, a dumb b****.


Dear db:

  1. Although fever and enlarged lymph nodes can and usually do occur after HIV infection, as well as after any viral infection, there is no guarantee that each and every patient gets them. I've certainly seen patients without much in the way of fever or lymph nodes.

  2. I can't tell whether you partner is infected with warts, herpes, or HIV. However, I will say that if you have warts or herpes, then most likely you picked these up sexually. Please note that both of these are caused by viruses which can remain dormant for years. It is conceivable that the warts/herpes you are experiencing now have nothing to do with your most recent sexual contact, but rather are related to a contact in your past. Please note that the virus which causes warts is transmitted skin-to-skin. This virus, known as human papillomavirus, can be transmitted even if one uses condoms consistently.