Hi Dr. Bob

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My question to you is, I recently had an HIV test done (six weeks after exposure) and it was negative. My exposure was an unprotected blowjob and protected vaginal sex (condom was used properly and did not fail), I was treated for possible prostatitis with 21 days of Ciprofloxacin but after this treatment my pain is still there. I am experiencing pain during urination, pain in the base of my penis, pressure in the bladder, and sometimes cloudy urine. I was tested for chlamydia which was negative and my doctor said it is very unlikely that I have gonnorhea because there would be a thick discharge. Could this possibly be HPV? I have noticed bumps but I am fairly certain they are hair follicles as there is hair coming out of them. Can prostatitis take a while to go away even after 21 days of Cipro, or could this be some weird STD? Also can stress cause prostatitis? I have been very stressed about STDS.

Thanks for your time sir,


Worried Bob


Hello Worried Bob,

HPV? No, your symptoms are not suggestive of HPV.

Can prostatitis be persistent and difficult to treat? Yes, sometimes it can be. If your symptoms are persistent and you've completed your full 21 days of Cipro, I'd suggest you see a urologist for an evaluation. Something else may be going on.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob