Rectal Bleeding... very scared PLEASE HELP!! DR.B


Hello DR.Bob... I have a very short question... Does HIV cause Rectal Bleeding? Or can it be a sign of seroconversion? I had anal sex about 2 months ago, the condom popped. did not have any bleeding then but 1 month later had some bleeding, then now 2 full months after had some again.. Not a lot, and only 2 times now. but am scared I may have contracted HIV... Please let me know.. I am scared



Rectal bleeding is not a sign of HIV seroconversion or symptom of HIV disease. The only reason for concern is that your condom failed. Consequently you have some degree of risk of contracting various STDs, including HIV. An HIV test at the three-month mark is warranted.

As for the rectal bleeding, there are many potential causes, including hemorrhoids or a rectal fissure. See your doctor for an evaluation and appropriate treatment.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob