Recieved Oral and worried sick


I went to a strip club with some friends and I got a private lap dance. Before I got the lap dance the stripper was snorting some brownish white powder. During her lap dance she unzipped my pants and I thought she was just going to rub against my penis but she started to give me unprotected oral sex. After less than 2-3 minutes I stopped her when I came to my senses. I also frenched kiss her for a quick second before she performed oral. I also received another lap dance that night from another dancer but nothing like that happened again nor will ever again.

My concern is the following. My anxiety is through the roof .

  1. The next morning my penis had a light rug burn on the edge from my two lap dances.It was sore and red but not bleeding. It cleared up in around two days. I think this is from my last lap dance but cannot be certain. If it was not does this light rug burn greatly increase my odds of getting HIV? from my research you would have to have more than a rug burn or abrasion and you would need to have a deep cut? also the person would need to have a great deal of blood in the mouth. What your thoughts around my risk?

  2. I am planning on getting a HIV DNA Test by PCR With HIV Antibodies b. The clinic recommends 21 days and I believe you recommend 28 days. I have anxiety and will wait 28 days but would perfer to get the test done at 21 days for my sanity. I am also planning on getting a test at 3 months and again at 6.

3)I have searched the for days on the internet and I cannot find a single case of someone getting HIV from recieving oral. Is this really the case? You would think there would be at least a single documented case? There seems to be a couple of cases of getting HIV from kissing or giving oral? Have you expernced someone getting HIV from Recieving Oral?

Thanks for your help and for your services you provide.


Hi there:

You can get a fairly accurate HIV test result at the 28 day mark, but you must wait 90 days for a conclusive test result. Oral sex has been and remains a low-risk activity. I do not think you need to test for this incident. In regards to the abrasion/cut - it must be deep enough to allow for direct access to the bloodstream to even be considered a risk.

From my knowledge, no one has acquired HIV from receiving oral sex. It's possible because oral sex is an extremely inefficient way of acquiring the virus. HIV does not like to infect the types of cells that line the mouth, and salvia helps kill the virus.

Bottom line: I would not be concerned.

In health,