Receptive Vaginal Sex


Hi Dr. Bob! I am sure you have addressed this issue, but please consider another similar question. As the receptive female partner with a male of unknown status, what is the likliehood of transmission of penile-vaginal sex with no ejaculation? I, like so many others, am in a state of severe stress and worry and, of course, see every symptom possible related to ARS/HIV. Thanks so much, Vicki from the East Bay (kind of your neighbor)


Hello East Bay Vicki,

The estimated per-act risk for acquiring HIV from unprotected receptive penile-vaginal sex with a partner confirmed to be HIV positive is 10 per 10,000 exposures. Your estimated risk would be less, as ejaculation did not occur. Also, since the serostatus of your partner is unknown, again, the estimated risk would decrease even further. There are no specific statistical risk numbers for these types of situations. The bottom line is that if you've placed yourself at risk for HIV, you'll need to be tested at the three-month mark, whether or not you are symptom free or have "every symptom possible."

I'll send my best good-luck karma over on the next BART train. You can pick it up at the MacArthur Street Station, OK?

Dr. Bob