Receptive anal sex with a condom



I had sex today with a guy who I am unsure as to his HIV status, beyond him telling me he was negative.

I was the bottom and we had anal sex. His penis did not come into contact with my anus until he had a condom on.

When we finished having sex, I took the condom off, wrapped it up and placed it in my pocket to dispose of. I also picked up another condom package off the ground that was there as well, which I know to be his.

When I left I noticed that the other condom package I picked up had a hole driven right through it. I opened it up and sure enough there was a hole in it. I inflated it and noticed a hole about 2mm in diameter.

This may sound horrible but I was so freaked out that I took the used condom out and inflated it to see if there were any holes in that one. I didnt notice any and I blew it up quite a bit and tied it like a balloon. I could not detect any air leaking out.

I went to the gym and left the inflated condom in my trunk. When I returned about an hour later, the condom burst when I went to move it...

I have a few questions...

Could small holes be exist even though I blew the condom up really big to detect leaks? If so, what are the chances of semen getting through those holes and infecting me with HIV given that there was no precum, and I am unaware of his status? I am not certain if he ejaculated in the condom.

Can an intact latex condom break down when it is stretched to the extreme for a period of time?

What are the chances of contracting HIV from receptive anal contact with an infected parter both protected and unprotected.

I am not looking for an excuse for unprotected sex, I just need to appease my mind so I don't freak out about having sex.

Thank you for your words....



When you were finished having sex, you took your top gun's condom off and wrapped it up and placed it in your pocket??? Ick! You also picked up another condom off the ground that you knew was also his? Dude, spunked-up used rubbers are not collectors' items and you can't sell them on EBay, OK?

Next, you blew up your used condom and left the inflated condom in the trunk of your car while you went to the gym!?!? Dude, has anyone ever mentioned to you that you do some really weird things? Then, and not unexpectedly, the condom balloon burst. Now on to your questions:

  1. No. Condoms do not have small holes.

  2. Yes, blowing a condom up to the size of a Macy's Day Parade float balloon would cause it to pop.

  3. The estimated per-act risk for acquiring HIV from unprotected receptive anal sex with a poz partner is 50 per 10,000 exposures. For protected sex of any type, the HIV-transmission/acquisition risk would be essentially nonexistent if the latex condom was properly used and did not fail (break).

You're welcome! Happy Holidays. Stay safe and you'll stay well.

Dr. Bob