Recently diagnosed, supplements and multivitamins


Dear Nelson,

First of all, many thanks for all the support and help - I have spent last 3 months (since the shock of my diagnosis) reading lots of material on this website and other blogs by the experts here.

I am a 28 yr old male, infected on 25.12.2010. Current viral load is <48 copies (surprisingly) and CD4 at 621 (23%) - I am not on any meds righht now. I am 5ft 11", based out of India, healthy 75 kg weight. I used to gym regularly (cardio and a bit of weights) before I came to know about my diagnosis. I intend to start gymming again sometime 3 months later, read your book 'Built to Survive' for which I have read rave reviews, read a lot more on nutrition, diet etc. But currently I do not have time (I have more pressing thing like managing disclosure and other social aspects and hence cannot read indepth for next 6 months but I still want to have a head start on taking good supplements as my VL is undetectable and good CD 4). I request you advice on the best multivitamin to take. I read on your website and book excerpts about your recommended list but the SuperNutrition Super Blend is not available in India.

My HIV specialist has suggested 'Immunase Forte' and 'Supradyn' tablets on alternate days (Day 1 Immunase Forte, Day 2 Supradyn, Day 3 Immunase Forte etc).

Contents of Immunase Forte: Vitamin C 150 mg, Elemental Magnesium 100 mg, Nicotinamide 50 mg, Beta-carotene 6% preparation(as natural mixed carotenoids) 50 mg, L-lysine Hydrochloride 50 mg, L-Cysteine 33 mg, L-Carnitine tartrate 30 mg, Vitamin E 25 mg, Vitamin B6 20 mg, Calcium Pantothenate 20 mg, Elemental Zinc 15 mg, Vitamin B1 (Thiamine Mononitrate)15 mg, Elemental Iron 9 mg, Vitamin B2 5 mg, Elemental Manganese 4 mg, Lycopene 4 mg, Elemental Copper 2 mg, Folic acid 1500 mcg, Vitamin A 1500 mcg, Elemental Selenium 200 mcg, Elemental Iodine 150 mcg, Elemental Chromium 75 mcg, Vitamin D3 20 mcg, Vitamin B12 15 mcg.

Contents of Supradyn: ascorbic acid 150 mg, biotin 0.25 mg, calcium pantothenate 16.3 mg, calcium phosphate 129 mg, copper sulphate 3.39 mg, dried ferrous sulphate 32.04 mg, magnesium oxide 60 mg, manganese sulphate 2.03 mg, nicotinamide 100 mg, phosphorus 25.8 mg, sodium borate 0.88 mg, sodium molybdate 0.25 mg, vitamin A 10000 iu, vitamin B1 10 mg, vitamin B12 15 mcg, vitamin B2 10 mg, vitamin B6 3 mg, vitamin D3 1000 iu, vitamin E 25 mg, zinc sulphate 2.2 mg

For the time being, I have a feeling that Immunase Forte intake should be doubled (from taking on alternate days to taking every day) while Supradyn can be taken on alternate days as usual. My HIV specialist in India says that Immunase Forte has had very good results in his experience (but he hasnt commented on why we should take on alternate days and not everyday). You blogs and book snapshots suggest that high doeses of supplements since beginning of your diagnosis has helped you quite a lot in combating HIV related side effects.

Since I am just starting, I want to keep it simple (2-3 tabls per day max) but would be great if I could have your advise.

Best, Manav


I would take the Immunase since the ingredients and mg amounts are pretty standard and no toxicity issues come to mind. But I would not take the Supradyn since it contains iron and molybdate, two metals that you should not supplement unless you have deficiencies. They can affect liver function. Taking one Immunase a day should be ok. Of course, I have no experience with those supplements and trust that they indeed have what they say.

I hope you are one of those elite controllers that have strong immune systems that do not allow HIV viral load to increase, but keep getting tested every 3 months to make sure.

On another note, I am really interested in the use of curcumin (an active party of cumin) for the treatment of HIV. There are many papers that review its potential use in controlling HIV, diarrhea, and vascular disease caused by protease nhibitors. You guys in India are lucky to consume so much of it! Here is a paper that reviews its properties:

Nelson Recent advances in the investigation of curcuminoids

I may write an article about this since it truly fascinates me.