Recently diagnosed - looking to the future


I am 20, perfectly healthy, and was recently tested positive. My viral load is undetectable, and my CD4 is 1080, and i believe that i contracted the HIV about 10 months ago. I am bitterly determined not to let the virus win, and to lead a normal life. I am looking into alternative therapies, and i am looking at starting on some combination involving some, or all of the following: anally infused bitter melon, multi-vitamins, IL-2, iron, zinc, Dextran sulphate, spice tumeric (circumin), and lithium-GLA. Could you tell me which of these may conflict with each other, and any general advice you may have on them. If, after a year or so, these don't stabilize the HIV, i will switch to conventional treatments.
I also want to know what kind of life expectancy to expect, assuming i react well to treatments? Is it worth getting a pension? My doc will only give me vague answers. Basically, can i still be healthy when i'm 64??? I need to know. Thank you.


If you follow your doctors advice and take medications when required, you should do very well and should plan for old age. There is not a lot of data regarding the alternative treatments you list and they have not been proven to be effective in the treatment of HIV. has some review articles on alternative therapies for HIV and I suggest you read these before using any of the therapies you list.