Recently diagnosed HIV+, CBC normal, waiting for CD4


I started feeling sick about 2-3 weeks ago with what I thought was a bad sinus infection. My fever (99.5 - 102) wouldn't go away after a few days, so I had my CBC done. At the time I did the test, I had been taking Amoxicillin 875mg twice a day for 2-3 days, although after I saw the ENT Doc, he said it was most likely viral and not bacterial. The CBC numbers came back normal. WBC = 7.5 RDW = 13.5% RBC = 4.91 Hematocrit = 41.9% Lymph = 43% Neutrophils = 46% Platelets = 186. Based on these numbers, does it seem like my CD4 count should be above 200? I am really worried about my results coming back. Also, how much would the Amoxicillin affect my CBC or WBC? Is there anyway I can predict my approximate CD4 count with these numbers? BTW, my fever has come down now and I'm feeling much better the past 3 days. Also, my doc said that my liver enzymes are slightly high, so he had me do a HEP panel (no HEP symptoms at this time)


Difficult to predict the CD4 count in the middle of an acute illness. Unlikely that a short course of amoxicillin will affect your numbers.