Received Oral Sex Through A "Jolly Hole"


I am a heterosexual male. Sometime this past summer (June, July, or August...I don't recall), I was in an adult arcade and gave into temptation and received oral sex through a "jolly hole". In September, I had a bad rash on both of my arms. Eventually that went away after a couple of months but then I got a rash (itchy bumps) on the palms of my hands and some on my feet. I read where this could be an hiv rash or syphilis rash. Both my dermatologist and regular doctor did not think I had contracted an std. My doc did some blood tests for piece of mine (hiv, herpes, gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis) in December. All came back negative. I had recently finished up taking some meds that my dermatologist gave me (Prednisone and Doxycycle HYC). How likely is it to contract an std from receiving oral sex from presumably a high risk individual under these circumstances? Would taking the medications that I did have an effect on the results of my blood tests? Should I be tested for anything else? Should I get re-tested just to ensure that I did not receive a false negative on any of the tests? I have read where some stds can remain dormant in your system for years. Would blood tests still pick up on those stds? Do any stds make you feel that every hair follicle on your head and chest itch? How about effecting your eyes? PLEASE COULD SOMEBODY GET BACK TO ME ON THIS.


Hi Oral sex carries the lowest risk of HIV transmission but a higher risk for all the other sexually transmitted infections. The blood testing you receive is a good start. For HIV testing it is to be initally tested at 3 weeks post exposure and then again at 90 days. If there are no other exposures during this time the results are considered conclusive. Syphillis is what came to mind when you mentioned your symptoms, but if your health care provider tested you for this and all the others and your tests came back negative than you are. It also sounds as if the medication the dermatologist prescribed for you did the trick. Depending on where you are in the testing time frame I would make sure you do the testing again at 90 days.

But your overall risk for HIV transmission is incredibly low.

Be well and stay safe, Shannon