Reccuring Pus From Tonsils Help!!!


Dear Doctor,

        For the past four years I have had reccuring problems with my Tonsils.  When I was younger I had Tonsilitis more than twice.  Now, very often, I poke these little white and grey pellets out of my Tonsils.  I believe they are pus deposits.  Is this healthy?  A ear nose and throat specialist once gave me some anitbiotics but they never really helped much.  Sometimes when I poke the pellets out my Tonsils hurt and bleed.  They do not have a pleseant odor either.  So I frequently give myself these little clean-ups because i feel if i leave the pellets in my Tonsils that i will have bad breath.  
          I am also an amateur musician and play a variety of musical instruments.  My main instrument being vocals.  It is my gift and talent in this world.  Would it be appropriate to see a singing sensitive larynicologist (definately misspelled)?  Or is there sufficent treatment these days to have this problem elliminated by medicine, without surgery?  I value your insight.  Thank you for you time.




It isn't entirely possible to make a diagnosis over the Internet in your case, but it is possible that you have recurring tonsillar infection, although usually this takes the form of pus (fluid)rather than "pellets". I advise to seek and ENT specialist who is familiar and comfortable seeing patients with HIV infection. It is possible that medicine may help, but everything depends on what the correct diagnosis is. Call the major medical center or AIDS hotline closest to you to find a referral if your primary physician is unable to help you.