Reason for false positive anti hiv test


Hi DR.BOB I hope ypu are alright .You r doing a great job.This is first time i am writing you and i need some information because i can not find this on net.I have heard that flu,sore throat,laryngitis and fever causes false positive anti hiv test.Is it true?I have also heard that antibiotics like Augmmentin can also cause false positive test result.Now my question is what if somebody had recieved unprotected oral sex from a girl of unknown hiv status and has developed all the symptomms of serconversion exactky after three weaks and the symptoms continnued for about two and a half or three weaks and also still having little cough after the symptoms and has also taken Augmentin and other antibotics and now for the peace of mind wants to get tested at six months,do you think all these factors will cause false positive at six weaks?I know test is more accurate at three months but what is the accuracy at six weaks? Because i have read that test at six weaks for such exposure is very much accurate. You are a real hero DR BOB ,love for your work. EKRIVA



No, that is not true! Flu, sore throat, laryngitis, antibiotics and fever would not cause false-positive HIV-antibody tests! This is just another example of inaccurate information that can be found on the Web. I'd suggest you stick to reliable sites, such as The Body, for HIV information.

HIV tests at six weeks are not considered to be conclusive. You'll need to wait until the three-month mark for a definitive test result.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob