Really worried


I had sex with a massage parlour lady on 8th Feb'09. Though I wore a condom, she used baby oil as lubricant. I was so stupid that I was on the bottom and she was on top of me. I also did not care to notice whether the condom was broke or not. I did not cum on her. After some time i masturbated with the same hand that i stimulated her. She used a tissue to stop my cum from falling down. I believe it was the same tissue she used to wipe off oil from her vagina. she was around 45 years old. I had severe burning sensation in my penis head after 5 minutes which i know cannot be of any infection. On 18 March'09 I did elisa third gen test which came back neg (0.54) <positive over 1>. Then I had UTI on 4th April'09, & fever for 3 days, cold for 10 days. Then I did elisa testing on 12th April'09 and result was Negative (0.60). On 29th April'09 I had done elisa for 1 & 2 which was again negative. Meanwhile I was having repeated nail infections from Dec'08 to April'09 (5 fingers). I had pharingitis on 25th April'09 which got resolved on 7th May'09. I had elisa test for HBV & HCV on 3rd May'09 which came back negative. Now I have burning sensation in my tongue and feet. Occassionaly all over my body. I have a bump on my left neck. Since I dont know what is the normal size of a lymph node I have not probed in my groin area. On 10th May I did elisa for HIV 1 & 2 and a HIV antigen / antibody combo test which came out negative. Values 0.48 for elisa and 0.36 for combo. On 13th I went for medical test for resident card where they test for HIV all, VDRL, TB etc., I got my resident card (I am Indian working in Oman). On 13th I had severe pain in the bump and that time I felt something is there to swallow but nothing is going in or coming out. This I had earlier also and went to an ENT specialist. He said the throat is very clean after doing seeing my throat with some machine which he said will show my throat 5 times magnified. I am really worried. I did not have sex with my wife after that contact till now. I have a very small baby (5 months old). If I have been infected my family will get ruined. I will certainly go to India to get tested. I am totally confused. I still have the symptoms of body pain etc., I have cholestrol. Will it in any way delay my seroconversion. I need to live doc. I got my resident card on 27th May'09 which is valid upto 17th May'11. Please help me doc. I have donated USD 50/- to your foundation.



Oil-based lubricants can denature latex making condoms more likely to fail.

Your repeatedly negative HIV tests out to three months are definitive and conclusive. HIV is not your problem. No way. No how.

Whatever is causing your symptoms, one thing is certain: It's not HIV.

My advice is that you level with your wife and that you stop worrying about having been infected with HIV from your rub-a-dub-dub gal.

Thank you for your donation to the Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation ( It's warmly appreciated.

Be well.

Dr. Bob