I really want to shake it:(,can i? pls help me,promise to donate.


hello Doctor : It's one year plus two months after the exposure now.I thought i should relax and put all this behind but i still could not.

   My exposure last year was that i cunnilingused on a girl in the massage club,it was very breif maybe just 20 seconds and and i was sure she was dry there before i went down i also didnot put my tongue inside,only licked the lips and clitoris ,i was not sure whether i may lick some fluids.Since my gum sometimes get bleed,like after a tooth brushing.So i went to test for HIV.
   Last week i got my sixth time antibody tests for HIV,negative.But only one day passed,i became worried again.I can't stop thinking that i may not produce enough antibody for test  after 1 more year, or just not produce antibody at all , or  the virus may lurk in my body now and would be positive after 6(or X) years kind of things.You may ask why?because i've read some articles which refered to some this kind of cases.
   I was and i am a healthy person.I had full body routine check every year(includes blood routine ,HBV test) and all things were fine.From childhood till now i had no serious illness,no surgery history,seldom get cold or fever.I like climbing and running,like outdoor sports,so i think i could consider myself a healthy person.
  For myself i don't know the reason how could this people do not or delayed produce antibody,maybe they lied or they had some healthy problem or may had some kind of coinfection(like acute HCV plus HIV),and i really don't care. But all i care is whether i could produce antibody normally and if i can be sure i am fine and i would not turn to positive or aids one day(i mean if i don't put my self at HIV risk again ).I had a lovely girl friend,but i can't have unprotected sex even oral with her now ,not to mention the marry and making baby.
 So now , i came here to ask that as my healthy status whether i could produce antibody normally and if i can be sure i am fine and i would not turn to positive or aids one day?
                                                                                      Really thanks


Hello Alex,

As you suggest, you may well be a "healthy person" physically. However, psychologically you have a significant problem. You seem unable to accept the overwhelming and irrefutable evidence that you are HIV negative. Your six negative HIV-antibody tests out to 14 months following your extremely low-risk potential exposure are definitive, conclusive, excessive and WOO-HOO-able. HIV is not your problem. No way. No how. If you continue top worry instead of WOO-HOO, I suggest you seek counseling (psychotherapy) to help you confront your irrational and unwarranted fears.

Thank you for your support of The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation (www.concertedeffort.org). It's warmly appreciated.

Be well. Stay well. (Yes indeed you are physically well.)

Dr. Bob