Am i really hiv negative


Doctor Bob,thank you for responding to my question on 05 january,i tested negative again today .God bless,Whoo-hoo



WOO-HOO! Stop testing!

Dr. Bob

Am i really hiv negative Jan 5, 2011

Im married for ten years,my husband always had a problem with cheating.We both tested hiv negative in 2003.we started using condoms in july 2009,in december 2009 i tested negative, we had unprotected sex in april may we both went to test and he tested positive,i tested negative.i started taking vitamin c and immunadue herbal supplement.two months after exposure i started having all the symptoms,one painful node in my left neck,tingling all over body at three months.At four months dr said if this was hiv symptoms i should be testing pos. at five months i had a headache with fever for two days.i tested with elisa every second week from first test with negative results.about twelve days after the fever at week 24 i tested with a rapid test and was negative.I had 13 negative tests in 24 weeks and Im tired of testing but im worried about symptoms,the nail white moon area of my middle fingers also shows some abnormalities-bad shape.Im i conclusively hiv negative with all this symptoms?

	Response from Dr. Frascino


You've had 13 negative HIV tests out to 24 weeks. Exactly which part of "HIV negative" are you having difficulty understanding? Yes, your repeatedly negative tests are definitive, conclusive, excessive and WOO-HOO-able. Symptoms are notoriously unreliable in predicting who is and is not HIV infected! A negative HIV antibody test outside the window period trumps symptoms each and every time.

Stop worrying and start WOO-HOO-ing.

Dr. Bob