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Dear Dr BOB, I am highly impressed by your knowledge.Plz help me out sir.I m a muslim living in Miami and circumcized.7 months back I made the biggest mistake.I had sex withe a stripper.I wore a condom but the sex lasted for 20 minutes and it was too rough. The condom was comming on the top but my urethra and top was still covered but I dnt knw whether the condom broke or not bcoz I didnot discharge in the condom and threw it away and mastubated at the end.Now If the condom broke then I mi8 be exposed 2 her blood bcoz she was on top of me and said tht she is feeling pain(soared frm inside). Symptoms. After 5 days I starting losing appetite.Started having irregular bowel movements which lasted more then 25 days with loss of appetite and more thn 10 pounds of weight loss.It was consistent Thn swollen lymph node(conf by doc) and sores in my mouth started occuring.

Having rashes on top parts of my body

Thn night sweats started and I was not able to sleep.My body used to become very hot whn I used to lie on bed. Severe lightheadedness and difficulty to concentrate. Now for the last 4 months I m getting white patches in my mouth which hangs inside and i break thm with my teeth and they grow again. Tests. hiv1 oraquick negative after 20 days

hiv1 oraquick negative after 3 months

hiv1/2 oraquick negative after 3.5 months.

hiv 1 elisa negative after 4 months and 5 days.

hiv1/2 negtaive after 4 months and 25 days.

hiv1/2 oraquick negative after 5 months and 5days.

In the meanwhile went to 2 doctors but was not satisfied so went to an hiv specialist.

He took hiv1 RNA PCR and hiv1/o/2 abs-icma.Both negative. specialist told me tht I can be 100% certain tht I dnt have hiv. Thn again after 6 months hiv1/2 with oraquick negative.

I m still getting those white patches in mouth.They are irritating.I went to the hiv specialist again but he told me tht its not thrush and asked me to go to a dentist. I have been seeing thrush photos on computer and they are similar to thm.They come inside the cheeks.under the tongue and are very rough I asked him to run cbc and blood count. Everything came back fine with cd4 count of 792. He said its perfect. Dr Bob.

Do I have hiv other hiv subtype which cant be detected by these tests. I have taken 9 hiv test that include hiv1,hiv2,hiv o. Including RNA pcr. Wht else is left. I dnt knw whts goin wrong with my mouth. Pls help me. Im on the verge of comitting suicide. thx


Hi Miami Guy,

As it turns out I'm heading to Miami this week. You could have asked me your question in person while we were at the beach!

I have absolutely no doubt your symptoms are indeed real. However, I also have absolutely no doubt your symptoms are not the result of being HIV infected! Your repeatedly negative HIV-antibody tests out to six months, undetectable HIV plasma PCR RNA viral load and normal CD4 count are definitive and conclusive. HIV is not your problem. No way. No how. No additional HIV tests are warranted or recommended.

I find it incredibly sad that you are "on the verge of committing suicide" due to an illness you don't have. (There is overwhelming and irrefutable evidence that you don't have HIV.) So many people with HIV/AIDS struggle to stay alive and you want to kill yourself just because you fear you might have it? If you want to give your life away so carelessly, it's just too bad you can't give it to someone who is actually dying from AIDS. That person I'm sure would cherish the gift of existence which you seem not to value at all.

I can't diagnose the cause of the white patches in your mouth over the Internet, but what I can do with absolute certainty is advise you what's not causing them: It's not HIV! I agree with the suggestion for you to see your dentist.

Many of your other symptoms decreased appetite, irregular bowel movements, weight loss, etc. are very consistent with anxiety and depression. If no physical cause can be determined for these symptoms, you should be evaluated for psychosomatic illness. Please note psychosomatic disease produces very real symptoms. Just take a read through the archives and you'll see what I mean.

In light of your suicidal thoughts, I strongly suggest you see a psychiatrist without delay. Show the psychiatrist a copy of this question and my response. It will help focus your treatment and speed your recovery.

Miami guy remember HIV is not your problem. However, you do have a significant medical problem anxiety and irrational fear of being HIV infected that requires intervention now.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob