real risk,real symptoms,despite 16 weeks negative


dear doctor bob i have written many times in the past to you,but i dont know wht you prefer to chose to answer questions pertaining to non risk situations and u ignore my real risk encounter.My situation goes like this..i had unprotected vaginal sex with a woman of unknown hiv status two times.She seems to be not very promiscus by nature but i dont know her well,so cant count on tht.well after around 4 weeks i came down with a severe throat pain,more so on the left side.On the first day i even had a fever of 99.6 degrees.the doctor who saw me diagnosed it as URTI and gave me amoxyllin.Well the fever went away in a day.and my throat improved in 2-3 days with the meds.To make a point..i had no congestion or nose blocking.However there remianed some pain on my left side(the one which ws more swollen initially).This pain was felt when swallowing my own saliva and not otherwise.I strongly suspected hiv infection and got myself tested at 10,12,14 nd 16 weeks..all negative.despite all this i stil have the same pain on swallowing,also i had one canker sore and keep feeling a lil stinging pain in my mouth.i have read the symptoms iof hiv and some where i read about a knot feeling in underarsms..since then i have tht also..although i havve no been able to locate any lumps at all.pls tel me whts wrong with me.wht is this swallowing pain,why my mouth is stingy and y i feel underarm knots despite no physical lumps.the tests tht i did were tridot rapid i need to test with elisa.when should i test and with wht kind of test.pls help me sir..pls.since last 3 months..24 hours i hve been thinking of hiv and its symptoms.pls sir help me out..i wil be eternally greatful.there is no one i can turn to,i m a 25 yr old unmarried guy.i live in a remote area..for every test i have i to bicycle 3 hrs one way.ppls help sir



You may not understand why I "choose to answer questions pertaining to non risk situations" rather than respond to your "real risk" encounter. I, on the other hand, wonder why you (and so very many others) would choose to have unprotected sex and then, after the fact, worry yourself sick about possible sexually transmitted diseases!

The reason I haven't responded to your question is that I responded to many very similar concerns in the past. (Check the archives!) In addition your repeatedly negative HIV tests out to 16 weeks are definitive and conclusive. HIV is not your problem. I've discussed negative HIV tests taken outside the window period trumping "symptoms" many times in the archives as well. (Have a look!)

No additional HIV testing is warranted. You are definitively HIV negative. I can't diagnose the cause of your symptoms over the Internet, but one thing is certain: it's not HIV! OK?

Dr. Bob