Re:Trying again Maybe you will answer this time???/Will officially be the 1st documented oral case


Dr Bob,

I tested for hiv via unigold at planned parenthood at 7,9,10,12, and 14 (99 days) weeks as mentioned earlier. You advised me that there is "no way no how hiv is my problem." I am having very blurry vision, have had kidney stones, still have lingering pain around my abdominal area, I swear I still either I have another kidney stone stuck around or something wrong with my GI Track. I have various cold sweats throughout the day and my shirts look pretty nasty. Do you think I am absolutely crazy? Should I get another test? Would you be willing to bet that I am -ve (cause I am willing to bet the other way at this point). HELPPPPPP!!!!!!!



"HIV is not your problem. No way. No how." No additional HIV testing is warranted. I have not changed my assessment. I do not believe you are absolutely crazy (not yet anyway); however, I also remain absolutely confident you are not HIV infected. What's a bit wacko is that you are continuing to perseverate on an illness for which there is overwhelming and irrefutable evidence proving you don't have it! What's up with that? You've had five negative HIV-antibody tests (that's four more than you needed) out to 14 weeks. Your symptoms are not suggestive of or worrisome for HIV acute retroviral syndrome (wrong timeline as your symptoms are persisting out to 14 weeks plus some symptoms, such as kidney stones, are not associated with HIV ARS). I certainly believe you have symptoms. (I, too, have had kidney stones: OUCHAMAGOUCHA!); however, I do not believe those symptoms have anything to do with HIV!

Would I be wiling to bet you are HIV negative? Absofrickinlutely! In fact I'll doubt down!

You should be WOO-HOO-ing, not worrying!

Be well.

Dr. Bob