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Dear Bob

Please, please answer me as I am losing the battle to stay sane and the will to live I have already written to you but did not receive a response. I would also like to make a donation I am astounded and deeply moved by your level of commitment in helping people through this website. About five days ago I was in Eastern Europe (Riga) where I was talked into getting an Erotic Massage. The girl who was topless (panties stayed on) proceeded to message my legs using baby oil and continued with body rubbing etc. She then finished by giving me a handjob (no gloves or condom). I am worried sick that I may have contracted hiv or hep B for a number of reasons. First, about an hour later the back of my legs felt very irritated. I have rather hairy legs and I noticed that the massage must have pulled at these hairs causing tiny red patched around each hair follicle. Two days later I noticed that one had become infected and am worried that this implies that the skin was broken. As far as I can tell no hairs were actually pulled out. Secondly I am sure that the same baby oil bottle was used on previous customers and I am worried that some semen from previous customers may have been on it which could have been transferred to me when re-lubricating her hands to proceed with the handjob there was also some massaging of the tip of my penis. I also do not know whether there may have been cuts on the girls hand always a possiblity. Within the last two days Ive had night sweats, headaches and neckaches and I am convinced that my glands around the throat area are painful. The tip of my penis also feels slightly irritated but there is no visibly broken skin. I am also uncircumcised. What are the risks? Please, please, help.



The HIV risk from erotic massage and masturbation is nonexistent. Your fears are completely unwarranted.

Sure, the hair follicles on your legs could have been irritated by your sexy rub-a-dub-dub, but this is not a mechanism for HIV transmission. And as for the previous customer's spunk contaminating the baby oil bottle and then being transferred to your massage-gal's hands and then on to you via a hand job . . . no way, no how. If HIV were so easily transmitted, it would have wiped out the whole planet years ago. Finally, the possibility of cuts on your handy-gal's hands, this would not be a mode of HIV transmission, even when spanking your monkey, OK?

Your symptoms are not worrisome for HIV disease.

Although your risk is nonexistent, if you remain worried about this incident, get an HIV test at the three-month mark. It will be negative. Please realize the only reason to get this test is to calm your irrational fears of HIV, as there was no real chance of infection.

Thank you for your donation to help those in desperate need. (

Stay safe. Stay well. Be well.

Dr. Bob