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A massive thankyou for your reply it is much appreciated as I was worried about the the nPEP. On some investigation Ive found that the Philppines had 47 million females and around 9000 HIV cases 2-3000 female. So im thinking the chances of my bar girl being + are very very slim.... for some reason the Philippines has kept HIV low, lower than most modern countries. With this info it makes the chances of her having HIV at someting around 0.047% add this to the 0.1% risk of Penetrive vaginal sex would PEP alwys be pescribed or just advised... my side effects have eased so I will continue either way just to be sure but Im thinking the odds are hugely in my favour!!! Thanks again and keep up the good work!!! I love your city by the way!!! Donation coming your way!




PEP would probably be "offered" but not "strongly recommended" based on the information provided. The odds are all in your favor!

Thanks for your support of The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation ( It's warmly appreciated. In return I'm sending my good-luck/good-health karma that you are now and will always be HIV free.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob

Urgent - Failed Condom with Bar girl in Singapore Nov 26, 2010

Hi Dr Bob...

I just want to say what an amazing hob you do! My Situation is while getting down to business with a Fillipino Bar girl in Singapore the condom actually came off at some point! Im thinking it was a good 10 mins until I noticed maximum... anyway although the I went to an approaved sti clinic the following morning and was given nPEP 1 Tab lamivudine 150mg + Zidovudine 300mg (twice a day) and 2 Tabs Lopinavir 200mg, Ritonavir 50mg (Kaletra) (twice a day).... I hope this makes sense! Anyway I have had Diarrhea and Nausea especially and hour or so after taking but im coping! its been 3 days now so hopefully it will ease! Do you think the odds are in my favour... with the fact I starte nPEP 15 hours max after exposure and the worker had an unknown status. ( I read the phillipines had a very low prevelence?) and when do I have to test for HIV once I complete the cycle? Any help would be much appreciated! as I am so so down :(

Fron a stupid Scottish guy

	Response from Dr. Frascino


Yes, the statistical odds are in your favor that you did not contract HIV from your Singapore fling. Your nPEP regimen is a recommended combination and the dosage is correct.

The guidelines for post-nPEP HIV screening recommend HIV-antibody testing at four to six weeks, three months and six months from the date of potential exposure. You can read much more about PEP in the archives of this forum. Have a look.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob