RE: Any infectious disease clinic or hospital in Europe, please?


Dear Dr. Bob, Thanks for your prompt answer. It's a great luck that you've had such great pianists over there last week. I love Kristian Zimerman playing Chopin and Brahms and the other two are also amazing and very talented pianists!!.

I wish there can be a time in the near future when I can write you and tell you: Dear Dr.: it was "this"I had and now I got a treatment and it worked and all the fever, sweating and fatigue are all gone.

I am a little sad because even if I can play the piano and I am working right now with operatic singers, which I love, it is like if this problem is sort of affecting many areas of my life. Including my relationship with my boyfriend.

And the doctors I visited just do the same routine tests and say either that they don't know or that I try to take some pills to see if the fever dissapears!!In case you might say I should try that, I did and it never worked. But they refuse to go testing any further with more complex tests.

I am not a doctor(I wish I was) and I can understand the problem of finding a strange or unsual case solution, but also I cannot understand why they don't do some research.

If I was in the states I would go to see you, you are one of the few doctors I trust, maybe the only one.

I feel really lost, it is so difficult(it seems) to find the cause of these symptoms. I will try as you said at the "Gregorio Marañón" hospital.

Wish me better luck than I had, please. I will write you as soon as I have some news, and if not I will write you to ask for an appointment at your clinic.

I don't know what else I can do. And yes, I really look forward to playing some four hands with you when you finally make it to Madrid. It will be real fun. I loved seeing you and Steve playing piano and was deeply moved by the great job you are doing at your foundation.

You are such brilliant pianists, and so much feeling in your touch. Thanks for the music, the courage, the love and the determination you put in everything you do.

Love and health for you, always,



Hi Inma,

I certainly understand the frustration of feeling sick, especially when an exact diagnosis hasn't been identified. A thorough evaluation at a medical center will hopefully determine the underlying cause for your ongoing symptoms. Significant documented fevers almost always have an underlying etiology that can be identified with the proper diagnostic tests and evaluation. I'm sending you my best good-luck/good-health karma that you will soon be writing me the "Dear Dr. . ." letter you described in your post.

In the meantime, keep practicing! For me, music has healing powers of its own!

Dr. Bob