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Hello Doctor Bob

You may remember my case.The poor guy that took this test,came back possitive and getting all the tests till 3 months and coming back all negative.

Anyway i had some other tests(5 months almost) just to be sure on another country,all made in the national insitute of infectious diseases. Western blot(biorad)-neg Ag Hiv-neg Hiv Rna-non detectable

My doctor he said that he is totally sure now that i m negative and its final. Are u sharing the same conclusion on this? I know that logically,scientifically i must be ok.. Its just that i wanna have a child and unprotected sex again with my wife but in the back of my mind i m thinkin the worst scenario.. U can call me insane,hypohondriac..u name it... Its just this first DNA test has make me paranoid and of course its hard to swallow that u had a false possitive result and it happened to u..I hope u can understand how i m thinking. Anyway i m gonna have few sessions with a therapist cause i m telling u the truth doctor i have a big trauma from all this story..

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Yes, I remember you. Yes, of course, I agree with your doctor. I've been advising you that you are conclusively HIV negative for quite some time. See below. I have not changed my assessment. No matter how many times you ask or how much your worry or how much you refuse to believe overwhelming and irrefutable evidence of your "false" positive test and conclusive HIV-negative status, I will not change my assessment!

You are HIV negative. HIV is not your problem. No way. No how. No additional HIV testing is warranted. I just can't say it any more straightforwardly than that.

I strongly concur with your decision to seek psychotherapy to help you confront your irrational HIV fears.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob

Hiv Dna Pcr Possitive -Results (ANOTHER FALSE POSITIVE PCR TEST, 2010) Dec 1, 2010

Dear Doctor

Thank u so much for your response.It means a lot to me during all this devastating anxiety that i m on.. I finally had the 13 week(90days)4th generation test at the hospital and result NEGATIVE.. I feel so much relief from that result but i cannot hide that anxiety comes sometimes through thoughts like..what if i m an exception to the rule..what if a rare strain,subtybe of the virus was undetectable by the test etc etc,, I m tryin to put logig above those thoughts but u know how it feels when u have a result like that..I found comfort talkin to the chief laboratorian himself, he told me that hospital is not performing those tests anymore except emergency situations ordered by qualified virologist expert doctors and they dont give them to worried people cause of the false possitive possibility..He mention that they had other people with the same results and they report it to the health department. Sounds good to hear but do u think that any additional testing need it? can i consider my test conclusive at 3 months,move on and finally have unprotected sex with my wife? U can imagine that i didnt had any sex at all from that exposure cause of my anxiety and putting my wifes safety first by finding excuses all the time.. Sex right now it means nothing to me but u can imagine that i cannot finding excuses anymore and i have to be sure about my status before i have sex with my wife.(the right hink to do,thats why i went for a DNA test based on high accuracy and quick results)

Thank u so much for your response and support. God bless u Pls send me link for donation.

My tests

Hiv Dna Pcr-Possitive (6weeks) Lab

Elisa WesternBlot Architect 4TH gen (ALL Negative-7weeks) Hospital

Elisa 3rd gen-Negative (11 weeks) Lab

Architect 4th gen-Negative (13 weeks-90days) Hospital

	Response from Dr. Frascino


Congratulations on your definitively negative 13-week HIV-antibody test. WOO-HOO! No, you are not an exception to the rule! (You'll have to look elsewhere for your 15 minutes of fame!)

I was impressed to read that the "chief laboratorian" has decided not to routinely offer PCR tests for HIV diagnosis due to the rate of false positives! You are a perfect example of what can happen to someone who gets a false-positive test result!

So to sum up, HIV is not your problem. No way. No how. No additional HIV testing is warranted. You should stop worrying and start WOO-HOO-ing immediately.

Donation information for The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation can be found on the foundation's Web site at Thank you for your tax-deductible gift. It's warmly appreciated. In return I'm sending you my good-luck/good-health karma that you are now and will always be HIV free!

Good luck. Happy Holidays and WOO-HOO!

Dr. Bob


Having a sex contact with a sexs worker(-protected vaginal-unprotected oral) and because of my anxiety reading of the risk of getting the disease,even if its a low risk, ihad cause i couldn wait an DNA PCR at 6 weeks on a lab. The result came back possitive(my first thought was suicide,i mean it)and they told me to confirm it to a general hospital.I went to hospital were they gave me elisa test-western blot plus a p24 antigen test. THEY CLAIM THAT TESTS ARE 4TH GENERATION .ALL NEGATIVE. They advise me to have a repeat tests at the end of 3 months. Not dealing with anxiety and stress i had a 3rd generation test Elisa at 11 weeks(76 days).Negative also. My life is a living hell and i m on antidipression drugs by my doctor.My Virologist doctor claim that after a 11 weeks negative test i m 98% negative..I have to wait another 2 weeks for the 13 weeks test.. Every day i m thinking of giving an end to this hell.. Whats your thoughts about this situation? I dont know how to deal with this..4th generation tests are claiming that they re accurrate at 6 weeks-3rd generation antibody tests claiming that are conclusive at 12-13 weeks. But with a possitive DNA PCR test on my back how can i have hope that maybe its a wrong result? Any help its higly apprecated..Pls HELP

Sorry for my bad english

p.s I posted this question before few days but i mnot sure if idid right so i post it again..If u didnt reply cause you re busy i understand it completely

Thank u

Response from Dr. Frascino


As I have frequently stated in this forum, PCR testing should not be used for routine HIV diagnostic screening, due to the rate of false-positive results, technical considerations and cost. Your positive six-week HIV DNA PCR was a false positive, as demonstrated by subsequent repeatedly negative HIV-antibody tests out to 11 weeks. I agree with your virologist and I, too, am quite confident your conclusive 13-week HIV-antibody test will remain negative.

Your anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts all resulted from an inappropriate test being ordered! You state you took the DNA PCR test because of your anxiety. As it turns out, that test did nothing more than dramatically increase your anxiety!

I urge all forum readers to follow recommended HIV-diagnostic testing guidelines for HIV screening. Doing so will prevent situations such as the one in which this questioner now finds himself immersed!

Dr. Bob