RE: Exposed


Dr. Bob,

I recently wrote to you on May 4th with an entry entitled "Exposed." I wanted to thank you for your candid feedback. It was very helpful and shed light on a situation I was uncomfortable talking about openly at that point. Anyway, to jog you memory I was exposed to HIV when I slept w/a South African partner who later tested positive. Moreover, I recently had my 3 month ELISA test and the results were negative. I still plan on getting a 6 month follow up as well, but at this point am really breathing a sigh of relief. Thanks so much for your help and keep up the good work. After scouring the web for helpful info. yours appears to be the most useful in terms of your professional backing/expertise and up to date knowledge. Thanks again and lesson definitely LEARNED.



Thanks for your thanks! I agree you should be breathing a sigh of relief! The vast majority of HIV-infected folks will have detectable levels of specific anti-HIV antibodies in their blood within four to six weeks following primary infection. With your negative two-week p24 antigen and negative three-month HIV-antibody test, the odds you dodged the HIV bullet are now astronomically in your favor. (But I would still get the six-month test for an absolutely definitive, WOO-HOO-able result.)

Finally I'm absolutely confident your lesson has indeed been learned and I'm hopeful that by sharing your experience here in the forum that others will learn from you.

Good luck. Be well!

Dr. Bob

Exposed May 4, 2011