It's too bad you couldn't find much interest in the sport of boxing... Two half-naked men fighting over a belt and a purse! What's not to love? And there's even a small amount of Vaseline involved. ;-)



Vaseline-greased half-naked men fighting over belts and purses??? Are you sure that's boxing? Sounds like the after-Christmas sales on Castro Street to me.

Dr. Bob

fmr Heavyweight world boxing champion Tommy Morrison still boxing Aug 22, 2008

Hi Dr,

l am a sports nut and recently contracted hiv, l read in the papers that rocky 4 star and boxing champion tommy morrison boxed a few months ago in mexico and won by ko after being banned for life in america for having hiv in 1996... how dangerous is it for the fellow boxer to be fighting morrison in a boxing match ??? also l would like to see a bigger push for a cure NOW for HIV and at the least better more durable less side effects hiv treatments,my friend just tested positive and he is a UFC fighter, he is devastated and wont talk with anyone or answer his phone, he is only 22 years old... Dr Bob l wish we can find a cure for this shocking illness ASAP or at the very least meds that have fewer side effects and can counter resistance, you are the man Bob get the word out...


Response from Dr. Frascino

Hello Russell,

I'm a sports nut too, but I must admit I never understood the fascination of boxing. It seems more barbaric than sportsmanlike to me. I never made it past Rocky I (and I think I fell asleep during that one), but I did enjoy Million Dollar Baby with Hillary Swank. But I digress . . . ..

The HIV-transmission/acquisition risk of boxing would involve blood-to-blood contact, a fresh bleeding wound coming into contact with another fresh bleeding wound. This is a bit more likely in a sport like boxing than in, say, ping-pong, badminton or synchronized swimming.

Russell, it's interesting that you "recently contracted HIV" and suddenly want "to see a bigger push for a cure NOW and at the least better more durable less side effects HIV treatments . . . ." Hmmm . . . where have you been for the past 27 years of the pandemic, Russell? AIDS has already snuffed out over 25 million lives. An additional 7,000 will die today. It's unfortunate so many people don't see HIV/AIDS as a problem until the virus finds them or a loved one. Yes Russell, I'm sure you do "wish we could find a cure of this shocking illness ASAP." I wish we found it a quarter of a century ago! As for my getting the word out, I've devoted my professional and personal life to doing just that for over a quarter of a century, but I could use a bit of help. Care to join the fight? I can assure you it's way tougher than boxing.

Dr. Bob