hello have mentioned about rashes in your forum many times.could you tell me where do these rashes mostly occur in people with hiv or basically how they look like?.are they same like any other rash?


You cannot diagnose HIV infection based on the presence or absence of a rash. HIV infection is diagnosed by an antibody test performed at least three months following exposure. Signs and symptoms that reflect those commonly experienced during the early weeks following infection with HIV are only likely to be related to HIV if you have a significant exposure to HIV (mucous membrane or blood-to-blood contact with HIV infected fluids). Only a medical professional should be responsible for diagnosing symptoms of this sort.

Rashes can be caused by many, many different things. If you have a rash that concerns you, see your medical doctor (especially if you know or strongly suspect that you came into contact with HIV). Please take my description of HIV associated rashes as rudimentary at best (see "What's exactly a rash?"